A Mothers Love

The moment she realizes I am, her love begins.
From the way she gently cradles her belly, and speaks to me of the wonders this world holds.
She gives to me a refuge, where our bond becomes unbreakable, solidifies and grows eternal.
The moment she sees me, her love intensifies.
She holds me, with tears flowing and smiles abundant.
She knows that I am hers to love, to care for, and yet I am a child of the Almighty.
She promises me a life filled with bliss, adventure and love.
The moments of my first steps, my first words, my first smile, her love grows.
She awakens in the middle of the night,
with sustenance for my body, and nourishment for my heart.
A Mothers Love is the purest love, given by the Divine.
She lays her hand upon my head and heals whatever ails me.
She celebrates with me, my successes, she holds me in silence while I weep tears of pain.
She encourages me on my journey; she guides me on my path.
When I stumble or stray, she is there, not to judge, nor to criticize,
but to lovingly welcome me back.
She reminds me, with every word and every action, that our love is a gift from the heavens.
She inspires me, through her determination, to ensure her children know they are a force to be reckoned with!
She bestows upon me the foundation with which I can go and conquer the world.
She gives to me the knowledge that I am beautiful, and am meant to love and be loved.
A Mothers Love is God’s hand touching our hearts and enriching our souls.
I am the child of the Almighty and the daughter of Shivani.
I love you.
Peace & Love

Princess Larissa, on her birthday…

Once upon a time the most beautiful princess was born to an equally as beautiful mother. This princess was very blessed to be loved beyond words by her mother and her grandmother. Her mother chose the most perfect name for this princess, she named her Larissa… The meaning, Cheerful and Lighthearted, no name could be more fitting as where ever this princess went, the people she met were happier, and better inside for having the chance to meet her.

As the years went on, Larissa grew into a stunning princess with the shiniest, silken hair; almond shaped eyes that sparkled with the light & mercy of God; and a smile so bright and welcoming and everlasting. But what was even more beautiful than her physical self, (and let me tell you, that’s no easy feat, Princess Larissa was ‘slammin’) was her inner beauty. Princess Larissa’s heart was filled with so much kindness, laughter, joy and love, that when people came into contact with her, even for a moment, she enriched their lives for the rest of their days.

Princess Larissa forever carries the memories of her mother and grandmother in her heart, she misses them both in every moment of her life. But she never lets one of those moments go by without thanking the Lord for blessing her with two such loving beings, for giving her the opportunity to recognise their beauty, feel their love, and love them right back. Her gratitude and compassion just reaffirms her timeless beauty.

Princess Larissa had two beautiful daughters, both of whom inherited her spirit, her heart and her beauty. These girls are already carrying on their mothers living legacy of kindness, generosity, cheerfulness and lightheartedness! They are her pride and joy, she is the embodiment of the perfect mother, and her love for them grows each and every day.  

I have been blessed with the honour and privilege of watching Princess Larissa grow and blossom into a fierce and powerful woman. And today, while the world wishes Princess Larissa a happy birthday, I silently thank God who, many years ago, brought me to this magical child and allowed me to witness her life. In my heart, she is my daughter and my little sister wrapped up in one beautiful package. I am proud and humbled of the person she has become. I am in awe of her capacity to love in the face of tragedy, of her SHEroic warrior spirit, and of her infinite inner and outer beauty.

Today, on this, the day of your birth, I wish for you eternal bliss, abundance in all you seek, wild and amazing adventures, laughter and joy in every moment, friends and family filling your heart with light and love.

Lastly, I thank you Princess, for allowing me to be a part of your life, for being ever so lucky to witness your beauty, for it changes me, every single day, it changes me and makes me a better person in this world. I love you, more than mere words could ever express.