Breaking down walls…

I wasn’t planning on sharing this story, but the more time that passes, the more I am coming to terms with what happened to me and need to share…

One of my closest friends in this world has been in the hospital for the last two weeks and we are currently unsure when they will be coming home…I have been spending all day, every day, at the hospital, by their side when I can, or in the visitor lounge when I can’t… The hospital is a sad and scary place, surrounded by such overwhelming emotions I have a need to find balance, to keep connected to my soft side, I am finding myself hardening up, building walls to combat these energies… and I don’t like how that feels…  

So, I’ve made a point to help people wherever I can, when I am in the lounge I make conversations with the patients, especially those who are alone… If I see someone lost, I try to help them find their way (literally lol), if I see someone crying, which is a daily occurrence, I reach out to them, even if it’s to hold their hand… I speak to each nurse with respect and gratitude, for they are truly angels, their gentle & compassionate care for my friend is truly amazing….. They’ve become like family to me and I’ll never forget them… I thank the doctors, the miracle workers… I hang out with the orderlies and joke with them, flirt with some of them lol… I’m well known at Tim Horton’s, they know my coffee order, and relish in my joy of the pumpkin spiced muffin!…

Last Thursday there was an elderly man in the elevator bank on my friends floor, he looked lost, so I asked him if I could help him… He asked where Tim Horton’s was, I told him I am heading that way and to follow me… When we got to the main floor he asked if I could take him back up to the floor so he could go back to his wife… I said no problem; I’ll be back in 5 minutes… When I met him again, and we entered the elevator, he became sexually inappropriate with me, to the point I was terrified and had to physically push him off of me and escaped quickly when I left the elevator. I filed appropriate reports with the powers that be, I’ll just leave it at that…

This man, along with all the other men in my life who have taken from me which is only mine to give, feeling awful and gross, and dirty… I showered 4 times in 8 hours, and could have showered dozen more…  He also, and quite possibly, worse, left me feeling angry, furious, enraged, and beaten down… On my drive home I was screaming incoherently at the top of my lungs, I woke up every few minutes crying, sobbing, shaking… A week later, I am still not sleeping well…

For a few days after this happened I made the conscious choice to stop helping people, to shut up, not talk to anyone, to give up on humanity, to only focus on those in my immediate circle and shut the rest of the world out… This man took away the part of me that makes me me… he robbed me of my freedom, he took away my strength and replaced it with fear and total disappointment… I did this for 3 days, I walked with my head down, eyes on the ground, fists clenched and just took care of my friend… As each of these three days passed, I felt worse and worse, I felt physically ill, I was crying each time I was alone, I found myself lost, and scared, and I wasn’t me… But I wasn’t able to stop, I had built up a wall and refused to break it down, while I wasn’t happy, I was safe… I was suffocating in my safety, but I wasn’t afraid…

Then on day 4 as I was walking into the hospital there was an old man trying to climb the stairs and carry his walker up, dozens of people walked by him as if he didn’t exist, and I couldn’t handle it… I busted through my wall of anger and hatred and touched his arm, asked if I could help him carry it up while he used both hands on the railing… He barely spoke English, but thanked me profusely, and I made sure he got inside and knew where he was going… In that moment, as he took my hand in his and thanked me, in a NOT gross way, I started breathing again, feeling again, and slowly, brick by brick, I’m breaking down the wall…

ॐ Peace ॐ





3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy Juicebox
    Oct 09, 2013 @ 22:25:50

    i have been where you are – a person left wondering how someone elses actions can change who you are to your very core. who tries to harden and jade themselves.

    but the devil cannot win against those who are meant to flourish and prosper. you are an angel to many. those know know you and those that don’t. rest easy that that disgusting human being will be taken care of at some point in their life.

    the world needs more of you. but understand when you decide to hold a little bit back for the sake of your own humanity.

    but when you are ready, the world will be waiting.


  2. Vivek
    Oct 10, 2013 @ 15:39:10

    You are a beautiful soul Lalita.
    This was a painful experience, but through it your heart will grow stronger and your love more confident.

    It sucks, but there are loUsy the people in the world. We can’t avoid them, but we also can’t let them win.

    We are warriors of love and have to keep fighting the good fight.


  3. Michael Ellis
    Nov 20, 2013 @ 17:00:13

    That there is a Devil there is no doubt
    But is he trying to get in
    Or trying to get out?

    It says more about them than you when such things happen and they have happened plenty to me. I am learning to protect myself in the moment and leave them to their own devices and not let it affect my helping others. It does in some ways (like I don’t lend money anymore) but not in others.


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