A Mothers Love

The moment she realizes I am, her love begins.
From the way she gently cradles her belly, and speaks to me of the wonders this world holds.
She gives to me a refuge, where our bond becomes unbreakable, solidifies and grows eternal.
The moment she sees me, her love intensifies.
She holds me, with tears flowing and smiles abundant.
She knows that I am hers to love, to care for, and yet I am a child of the Almighty.
She promises me a life filled with bliss, adventure and love.
The moments of my first steps, my first words, my first smile, her love grows.
She awakens in the middle of the night,
with sustenance for my body, and nourishment for my heart.
A Mothers Love is the purest love, given by the Divine.
She lays her hand upon my head and heals whatever ails me.
She celebrates with me, my successes, she holds me in silence while I weep tears of pain.
She encourages me on my journey; she guides me on my path.
When I stumble or stray, she is there, not to judge, nor to criticize,
but to lovingly welcome me back.
She reminds me, with every word and every action, that our love is a gift from the heavens.
She inspires me, through her determination, to ensure her children know they are a force to be reckoned with!
She bestows upon me the foundation with which I can go and conquer the world.
She gives to me the knowledge that I am beautiful, and am meant to love and be loved.
A Mothers Love is God’s hand touching our hearts and enriching our souls.
I am the child of the Almighty and the daughter of Shivani.
I love you.
Peace & Love

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