“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” George Burns

“You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.” Douglas MacArthur 
The past few months I have been working adult consumer trade shows (Sexapalooza and Everything to do with Sex Show) for a client of mine… My role is to organize with the show representatives prior to the show, set up the actual booth, hire and manage the models, promote the product during the show, make contacts with other vendors and set up marketing/promotional deals, tear down the booth… and do it all over again for each show.  
It’s an exhausting gig, upwards of 35 hours on my feet in 3 days (something, in my youth I could do in 3″ heels)… But fun, so much fun! It’s a great industry, open, wild and friendly people…
“You don’t appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day by a middle-aged woman: Stuff you pay good money for in later life. ” Emo Philips
I’ve learned a lot over the past 4 months… I am working alongside some of the best sales and marketing people I have ever encountered, picking tips and techniques that I am using in my own business and it’s paying off!

I’ve also learned… working with young hot, sexy, scantily clad models, I am now a middle-aged woman… and that’s not a bad thing! I, too, was all dressed up sexy, boobies out, (Their real and their spectacular!) legs showing (I do have gorgeous gams!)…. What I am now referring to as “Cougar-Fabulous”! But When people came to the booth they would ask, “so are you the owner of cam4?” LOL!

While I did have several admirers of “the girls” I was the point person for talking up the product. My grey hairs, wrinkles, all defined me as “corporate” 🙂 I did have one couple who wanted their photo taken with  me, but that’s because I recognized them from Rich Bride, Poor Bride, and when they found out I am an event planner they loved me LOL!

I may be aging in years, but I’ll never grow up! I may be getting older, but I believe I am getting better… I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the decades, some small and some monumental (insert F-bomb here) ones and have always tried to never repeat them… sometimes it may take a few tries, but I do still have the ability to learn… 

“Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” Samuel Ullman
As I knock on 40’s door I am blessed with millions of amazing memories and very few regrets… I look forward to each day with the promise of beauty, joy, laughter, learning, and always love.
“Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.” Jim Fiebig
So, as said above, I have grey hairs, lots of them, I have a couple of wrinkles, I refer to as laugh lines, and the good news is, no one has ever said I look 40… perhaps they were being kind, but I like to think they are honest 🙂 But what the last 39.5 years has given me I would never trade merely to get a few years back under my belt… Overall, I have had a great life, I look back and feel the laughter, the warmth, the love, the joy, the light…
“The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball.” Doug Larson
The numbers may be rising, but my inner child will forever throw snowballs and giggle senselessly until the very end… 

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nostarvingartist
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 21:48:55

    Yah man, be young forever!


  2. Vivek
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 13:57:31

    since I spend most of my time around 13 year olds I can definitely see the deep loss experienced when an adult loses the magic.

    I see it every day at school and saddens me greatly.
    I do my best to encourage the kids to keep the light, the creativity, the fun, the curiosity, the wonder of being young.

    I hope they manage to hang on to it?
    it’s something I think about it everyday while in teaching.


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